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Appreciation Dinner 2017

The Catholic community in Morgantown appreciates their Priests, Deacons and Religious
at a dinner on October 19th, 2017 at Oliverio's on the Wharf

Honorees included:
Fr John DiBacco, Monsignor Cincinnati, Fr Michael Huszti, Fr Walt Jagela, Fr Carlos Melocoton,
Deacon John Yaquinta, Deacon Joe Prentiss, Sister Nancy White, Sr Rachel Blais

Fr Justin & Nathan Lydia JW John Mary Bev Margaret LouiseB MaryAnn Pat Scott Tom Marie Bob J Fr Michael table 1 table 1b Fr Walt table 2 table 2b table 3a table 3b table 3c table 3d table 4 table 4a table 4b Fr Carlos table 5 Tom A Tom B

Thanks to all who attended and all who expressed appreciative remarks of appreciation
and all those who generously donated to make the evening a wonderful time for all.

Listen to Fr Carlos' vocation story and other local priests, deacons and religious at

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