Eucharistic Adoration

O come let us adore Him !
O come let us adore Him !
O come let us adore Him !
Christ the Lord ! ! !
"Could you not keep watch for an hour?" Mark 4:37
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recent 40 Hour Adoration comments

"I treasured the silent time. To be with Jesus alone and get a break from the constant noise of the world gives me strength to persevere and peace in my life. It is as close to Jesus as we can be here on Earth, except when we are actually receiving Holy Communion."

"Even though I live many miles from St John's, I sensed an incredible connection of community, during the entire 40 hours, with all who participated in the 40 Hour Adoration."

"The Lord's peace was especially strong during the late night/early morn time."

"The guitar meditation was beautiful as well as the vocals."

"In seeing the church lit up through the night and knowing that people were inside worshipping, I was further inspired and knew that this was very special and the thing to do."

"The chants of the monks added another dimension to my Adoration of the Lord"

"When unscheduled persons entered during 'my' time, it added to my faith in the Lord and in God's community."

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